Saturday, February 19, 2011

January 3, 2011 Happy New Year

Hello Everyone,
I can't believe it's 2011 already! Where did 2010 go??? This new year has caused me to reflect on the events of 2010 and see where I was and now where I am. I feel that the Lord has taught me more this past year than the previous 19 years of my life combined. I have grown closer to my Savior and have learned and studied His gospel to the point where I can say I know His gospel is true where before I only believed it was. What a great lesson to learn right? I believe so.

I feel as though 2010 was a year full of challenge and success, sorrow and joy, disappointment and excitement, but most importantly full of love and charity. Another great year has come to a close but brings a new year to learn, grow, and continue to pursue happiness.

On Wednesday my companion and I traveled to Pocatello to attend the funeral of Brother Stevens' son. This service has caused me to reflect on the purpose of life and the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. From this experience a principle of the gospel that myself and Brother Stevens learned is how great it is that Jesus Christ is our perfect judge. Too many of us would wonder what would cause this 13 year old boy to take his life and mourn over the potentials that he has given up, however, all things are to fulfill a purpose in this plan of salvation. I don't know exactly why Dylin took his life nor do I think anyone will know but what I do know by the Holy Ghost is that Dylin is completely covered by the Atonement of our Lord. I felt more powerfully than probably anything I have said on my mission to say what the Spirit shared with me and I in turn shared with Brother Stevens last night at our appointment, the Spirit told him that Dylin is being taught about the gospel the same way that he is learning the gospel from Elder Durnall and myself and that they are both in this together with the same goal in sight to be sealed together in the temple. Behind tears Brother Stevens agreed and understood what his purpose is now for his son.

Now this experience didn't come from what I had to say or even what I was thinking but through a servant of God, our Heavenly Father, delivered what was meted to him at that time in his life. How great is the plan of salvation!

I love you all very much. I am doing well and Idaho is great too, well a little cold but still great!
I hope you all have a great week and have an opportunity to share the most important message this world has ever heard.

Peace and Love,
Elder Walker

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