Saturday, February 19, 2011

1/24/11 Great Week

Lizzy Rigby, daughter of recent convert Tiffany Rigby. I was so proud of Lizzy because she is terrified of water but she was braved and was dunked.

Baptism of Alan Welch

Hello Everyone,
This was an awesome week!!! I loved every minute of it. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we had a leadership conference here in Idaho Falls. I learned so much and my testimony was strengthened. The main focus of this conference was the Book of Mormon.

We had the District Leader from St. Anthony stay with which was great because we were able to catch up on individuals I taught there. I found out that most of them are doing well and several are preparing for the temple. There is no better news to hear as a missionary than to hear that a family or individual is preparing for the temple. This news I received has helped me learn even more what our real goal is.

I wanted to share with you what I learned this week which was nothing new or anything I didn't already know but what I learned was how powerful the Book of Mormon is. As I stated earlier we had a District Leader stay with us during the conference and I wanted more than anything to have an experience with him that he would always remember. I feel that my desire was a righteous one and that the Lord would grant it to me if I asked in faith so that's what I did. Tuesday was not the day we received the great experience and in my mind was a waste for this missionary but Wednesday is when the miracle happened. We learned that morning that "the Book of Mormon, combined with the Spirit is [our] most powerful resource for conversion"; so that's what we were going to focus on in all our appts. We had an 8PM appt with a 19 year girl named Susie that night and I was pretty hesitant on teaching her about the Book of Mormon because she has no religious background to the extent that she didn't even know who God was or what Jesus Christ did. This lesson we had was the second lesson with her and despite what we wanted to teach her we went in with only the Book of Mormon and the Spirit which was exactly what she needed! I don't think she understood much of what we were talking about but what I do know is that she felt the testimony of three humble missionaries about this divine book. Susie accepted a date of Feb.19th to be baptized. The Book of Mormon is truly the keystone of our religion and a man really will get closer to God by reading it than any other book; Susie too felt that. We went to our appt on last night and she read Alma 7 and now knows the role of Jesus Christ.

This work is wonderful. I love the Book of Mormon and I testify that it, combined with the Bible, is the fullness of the everlasting gospel. This book provides us with the pathway to salvation and the perfect way to find happiness. What a great opportunity we have in this time to share this sacred text with those that are ready to receive it.

The Gospel is true. Jesus Christ lives and is our redeemer!
Have a great week. Share your testimony!

Peace and Love,
Elder Walker

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