Saturday, February 19, 2011

1/10/11 Transfers

Hello Everyone!
Well transfer info has officially come and to not much of a surprise I'm staying in Idaho Falls for another 6 weeks; Elder Durnall is going to be staying here also. I'm excited to stay because there is so much work going on and still so much to do! We have scheduled, so far, 4 baptisms for the next 6 weeks! The Lord is blessing us so much and will continue to bless us as we are diligent in seeking the elect.

We had such a great day yesterday with 6 lessons, two of which I wanted to share with you all. The first is the appointment we had with Alan. Alan is such a great guy; he's 18 and is very knowledgeable of the gospel and his relationship with our Heavenly Father. He received a triple combination for Christmas which he's already read most of the Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of Mormon, but his new world translation of the Bible was confusing him when he would cross reference and especially in Sunday School. After some thinking I decided it would be best to buy him a KJV to go with his triple and put his name on both. Last Monday we went to Deseret Book and bought him his own Bible. You should have seen his face light up as we gave him his book. Yesterday in Sunday School was much better as he was able to follow along and reference the Bible dictionary and JST. Anyways, back to what I wanted to tell you... He was scheduled to be baptized on the 29th but we felt like that date was too far away for him because he is ready now. He's been living the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity for a while now and has attended church since we've been teaching him. After considering his desire and how ready he is we invited him to be baptized on the 21st instead. He gladly accepted the change of day and is still preparing to be baptized.

The second experience was last night at our appt with Travis Stevens. Brother Stevens is the one who had his 13 year old son pass away a "couple three" weeks ago. For this appointment we invited President Colton who at first said he wouldn't be able to make it but then he asked, "tell me about this man". After we told him Brother Steven's story President said that he would move his schedule around and to plan on him being there. It was so great to teach with President Colton. We expected him to take the lead and answer the questions but to our surprise he took the back seat and let us teach. Don't get me wrong, President did add his testimony and brought a very powerful spirit but I learned something from this experience; President Colton is a full time missionary just like I am and he teaches the restored gospel of Jesus Christ the same way that I do and he invites others to repent the same way that I do. This truly is the Lord's work if he has all of his servants doing "His work in His way and by His power". Brother Stevens is still preparing for baptism on the 22nd.

I'm so excited to continue my mission here in the Taylor Mountain stake. There is much to be done and not much time to do it. May we all continue onward and "invite others to come unto Christ".

Peace and Love,
Elder Walker

I saw Bishop Polson yesterday. He and I talked about so many things... paintball at President Polson's barn, stake youth council sleep overs at President Polson's house, DCHS, and many other things. He was excited to hear that I graduated with Taylor and that Nate was my scout leader for a while when we were in the Plum Creek Valley Ward.
I also met a sister in my area that is Pete Anderson's sister. She too grew up in Castle Rock and her Dad was the Bishop there for a long time. She is friends with Julie Graves and remembers the Johnsons (Gary and Linda) very well. I don't know her first name but her last name is now Athey. She said she would tell the Andersons hello from me. Speaking of Andersons, I didn't realize that Cole and Hunter are now 16!!! What the heck! Crazy!
Small world here in Idaho Falls. I've made more connections to Colorado and Walker here than any other area.

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