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1/17/2010 The Power of Preach My Gospel

Hello Everyone,
Another great week has passed. It's interesting to me how fast time flies when you're in the service of the Lord. I believe missionary work and feeling the Spirit is a glimpse of what eternity will be like and that is why time flies on the mission.

Let's start with something I've learned this week. I learned the power of Preach my Gospel. Elder Durnall and I were talking about how crazy the adversary is working on this area. I have seen and even at times felt his influence more here in Taylor Mountain than anywhere else I've served or been. It really is an interesting experience to see Satan working so hard on these people. I've seen more trails and roadblocks come into the lives of our investigators than at any other time; it'll be interesting to see why he's working so hard on these people.

Anyway, because of this issue we were talking about ways that we can get him out of our area and to stop his pathetic work on the people we're working with. We hold the keys of the preaching of the Gospel which is something Lucifer cannot control; "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing". We are commissioned to preach the restored gospel to all who will listen. Long story short we were at a correlation with the Stake President and he told us the reason Satan is working so hard is because ward councils are not using Preach my Gospel... interesting... We decided that since we will do everything we can to get this scum out of here that we will visit each member of the ward council in every ward and teach them what Preach my Gospel is and how they can use it and then share with them the story of Joseph Smith and have them feel the Spirit of the first vision. We've done this to one of the wards now and there is a huge difference! The ward seems to be more missionary minded and focused on "inviting others to come unto Christ..." Everything in the Lord's church is missionary work; anything from sharing time in primary to a stake or general conference, the purpose is the exact same to "invite others to come unto Christ..."

It is amazing to me how perfectly Preach my Gospel was designed for everyone. Sister Julie B. Beck, the general Relief Society President, gave us a great example of this. In her general address in the April 2010 general conference she quoted from Preach my Gospel. Now I don't know what she said or what she quoted but I remember the feeling I got from the Spirit that this book is designed for all aspects of the Church. My invitation to all of you is to pull it off the shelf and use it in your study of the gospel. I promise you that as you do so you will be a better prepared servant of the Lord and He will trust you to bring lost sheep into His fold.

I know that is a long story about what I've learned but I can tell you that I know Preach my Gospel is the way we can keep the Lord's church focused on what His purpose is. We all play a part in this great work. I also invite you to print off a talk by Elder Richard G. Scott called The Power of Preach my Gospel and read how the prophets want us it.

We were able to have 7 investigators to sacrament meeting yesterday! That is the most of my whole mission. Our zone broke the record (since I've been a zone leader) of investigators taught with a member present and sacrament meeting attendance. Great things are happening.

This Friday Alan Welch is getting baptized. He is way excited and really wants to serve a mission in a year. On Saturday Lizzy Rigby (recent convert Tiffaney Rigby's daughter) is getting baptized. This weekend is going to be great!

We are supposed to have Travis Steven's baptism but tragedy has struck his family once again and has added to his son's death; his wife's mother passed away this weekend from the very very rare mad cow disease. He has gone through so much in the past month that someone shouldn't have to go through in a lifetime. Please keep him in your prayers.

Also starting tomorrow we will have all the leaders in the mission come to Idaho Falls for a 3 day leadership conference. I look forward to sharing with you all what I've learned.
Have a great week everyone! I hope you are all happy and healthy.

Peace and Love,
Elder Walker

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