Saturday, February 19, 2011

1/31/2011 The Holy Ghost

Hello Everyone,
I'm sitting here at the computer thinking about what has happened that I can report on. I'm racking my brain because this week was way busy but mostly with administrative items. There is a week here and there where as a zone leader we have tons and tons to do for the zone/mission and then find any possible time to proselyte. Elder Durnall and I have made it a goal to have as many exchanges as possible because it seems during exchanges is when nothing else matters or has to get done but proselyting in our area.

This week especially has been packed due to zone conference tomorrow. President Colton has really put an emphasis on the zone leaders to prepare the tri-zone conferences. For this zone conference we were asked to conduct which means the whole plate of assignments was put on our shoulders. I've been busy arranging two musical numbers in just one week which will include Sister Castillo and Elder Quillon singing "come thou fount" with myself on the piano. I will definitely record it and send it with next weeks e-mail.

As I was thinking about this week my mind keeps going back to the lesson I learned. We are teaching this girl named Suzy who is 19 and has no christian background. I think I may have given info on Suzy before but I'm not sure. She has just moved out because her mom is an alcoholic and she took her younger sisters with her. Suzy is so ignorant in the Gospel that she doesn't even know who God is. Anyway, I was stressing about the lesson we had with her on Saturday because we've spent 4 lessons just explaining who Jesus Christ is. Elder Durnall and I both felt impressed Friday night that we needed to teach her about the Restoration of the Gospel. I must admit I was a little apprehensive about doing this because how was she going to understand prophets and apostasy on top of who Heavenly Father is and Jesus Christ. In my personal study I decided to study about the Spirit and teaching those without a christian background. I learned from this great study in Preach my Gospel that as we teach our brothers and sisters they may not understand what we are saying but what they will understand is how they feel.

When Elder Allan F. Packer of the seventy came to our mission he taught us that conversion comes about in a process. He said these are the following steps:
  1. An investigator must hear what we say
  2. An investigator must remember what was said
  3. An investigator must understand what they remember
  4. An investigator must apply what they understood
  5. Last, an investigator must become what they apply
I was so caught up on Suzy understanding what we taught that the Spirit taught me on Saturday morning that it doesn't matter if they understand what I teach but that they understand what the Spirit teaches and how they feel.

Saturday evening at the appointment with Suzy we taught her about the restoration. During the appointment I asked her if some questions for clarification and to no surprise she didn't understand completely what we were teaching but she did understand that a prophet is a leader to guide us back to God. I decided to rephrase my question and I asked her how she felt, her response was golden; she explained to us that she felt like nothing else mattered but what was going on in her house at that time. Her boyfriend had just broke up with her and she didn't even care about that. We were then able to testify of the Spirit and then offer more.

I'm so thankful for the Holy Ghost teaching me how to respond to those without a christian background. The Holy Ghost truly is the great testator of truth and the comforter which the Savior sent. I have learned what the Father would have me learn this week and now I can apply it to my service for the rest of my life.

I hope everyone had a great week and will have a great week this week. I love you all very much.
peace and love,
Elder Walker

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