Friday, November 4, 2011

07/18/2011 Pioneers

Hello Everyone,

This week was great as always. This morning I finished the Book of Mormon for the 6th time on my mission! I can't believe how much I learn from it each time I read. This time I took a different approach when I read by highlighting each reference to the God-head, each doctrine or principle, each characteristic of the Savior, and every time the Savior speaks. Each highlight of course is a different color.

My e-mail this week is going to be rather short because I'm going to be sending home a letter with a gift for the family.

With the 24th of July coming quickly I've been in this mood to learn of the pioneers. As a trainer the missionary department gave me a DVD player for the apartment so I can show Preach my Gospel DVDs to Elder Markert and introduce him to other church produced DVDs. This week I was so involved in watching the movie "Mountain of the Lord" which is about the building of the Salt Lake Temple. I also was intrigued by the "Church History" DVDs that are used in seminary and institute classes. I learned so much about the pains and sorrows the pioneers had to go through for us to have a better environment to learn the gospel. I didn't realize the love that these pioneers had for us that they would sacrifice everything just so they/we could further our testimonies of the Savior.

When the pioneers made it to the Salt Lake Valley after much loss and devastation the Prophet immediately began thinking of plans for a temple to be built. I can't imagine having to think about building a temple after I just walked so many miles and not even having my own house built. The great news is that they wanted the blessings of the temple so bad that they gave everything they could to build a temple for to their God. This makes my challenges seem simple and insignificant especially when I'm asked to walk by faith over something far less significant than building a temple when for all they knew they'd have to leave it again.

These are my thoughts for the week. I look forward to you receiving the package I send with my testimony. Have a good week!

Peace and Love,
Elder Tyson Rigby Walker

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