Wednesday, November 2, 2011

07/11/2011 Menan Week 2

Hello everyone,
Yup, Menan is still way awesome. I've really enjoyed my time here and I love each day as we meet new people and find those that are ready for the gospel. This past week has been super busy and has been very productive. We've had the opportunity to set 3 baptismal dates this week! It feels like I'm right back at home in St. Anthony.

Last Monday was super fun. We started by attending the fair in Menan. The little town of 700 was crazy! There must have been 3,000 people that came in town for this day! I was completely blown away at how many people there were especially because I didn't know that Menan could fit that many people on the streets. After the fair we went in to Rexburg to hang out with some other missionaries and go to the rodeo. I forgot how funny the members are in Rexburg; at the rodeo the announcer had recognized all the missionaries there in at the rodeo. haha! The crowd was cheering for us as we stood and waved to everyone. Good ol' Rexburg. I guarantee that wouldn't happen anywhere else in the world.

The week continued on really well. Elder Markert is getting more comfortable every day. I found that if I really prepare him before the lesson by going through each point and discussing the parts that he would teach, then our lessons turned out much more successful and he would be much more confident in himself. I also found that putting him on the spot proved to be successful too because he's learned that he can open his mouth and have it filled with the words to speak. For example, we were asked to give a blessing to a lady we're teaching so she could receive strength to live the word of wisdom. When she asked us I told her that we would love to and that Elder Markert would be the voice in the blessing. This was his first blessing to give and let me tell you, I thought I may have given him his first heart attack! I coached him through what to say and what steps to take and then told him just to speak the words that came to his heart. The blessing was so powerful and exactly what this sister needed to hear. When the blessing was done, she stood, shook his hand and told him that he was inspired by the words he had said. I love new missionaries!

Yesterday we had the wonderful experience of having a missionary fireside for one of the wards we cover. The event was a success. We shared spiritual experiences from our mission and how we came to know the church was true. I was pondering on what I would share to these members and I felt impressed to share an experience I had when I was in the sacred grove prior to my mission. I explained how I took a few minutes to myself in the grove and how the Spirit taught me what I already knew. I then had the great opportunity to share the first vision and testify of this event that changed the world. I love sharing these experiences with people especially because I feel the Holy Ghost testify of the words that I speak. There is no better feeling except to feel a God testify of your words.

After we shared these experience we had a fun activity to help the youth feel more confident in sharing the gospel. We bring two of them up and give on a snickers bar and ask him or her to "sell" that snicker bar to his friend. We learn that it is extremely easy to give a friend a snickers bar and you both can enjoy sharing of this candy. We then pulled out a copy of the Book of Mormon and explained that this book is far more important than a mear snickers bar and that the happiness we receive from living these guidelines is eternal and in fact this book contains the message of salvation. I think that put in perspective for the youth how easy it is to give a candy bar but the significance is nothing but how easy it can be to give a book of mormon when we understand the significance is eternal.

I received a letter from Grandma telling me all about our family relations to Grant. She had told me that a lot of the Dabells were buried in the cemetery there. The next time we were in the area I stopped by the cemetery and found the headstone to Alfred and Julia Dabell. That's pretty cool huh?

Everything is looking up. The area is great! My comp is great! Life is good, so good.

Peace and Love,
Elder Tyson Rigby Walker

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