Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten Months of Greatness August 30, 2010

Hello Family!
Can you even believe that I have been out 10 months now? I can't believe how fast time is going. I hear it only gets faster and faster.

There are a few things I forgot to mention last week. The first really cool thing is that I'm in the Ensign. Open up the September issue to pg. 37 and you'll see me there. It's kinda ironic because in the picture I'm teaching a Filipino family but I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt. haha! I just noticed that. I'm pretty sure no missionaries in the Philippines wear long sleeve shirts. Pretty cool to be in a magazine that goes to millions of people though huh?
Another cool thing that happened. Extreme Make-over came to Pocatello and rebuilt a house half a mile away from my area! That was way cool. It was great to see the whole community get involved to help out this family. The story is way sad too, it's a single mom with 9 kids who has cancer. Her house caught fire a few months ago and burned pretty much half of the house. We weren't allowed to help because the church doesn't like missionaries being on national television. Elder Rudd and I rode our bikes by it a few days ago and it's way nice. Check out the show on the 31st of Oct, that's when it shows I think.

Yesterday was such a great day. Definitely a huge highlight of my mission. I was able to speak with Elder Bosen at his speaking assignment yesterday. What a great experience! After the talks and sacrament meeting was over there was a sister that came up to me and told me, "there are no coincidences in this life, there is an eternal reason for you and Elder Bosen to have met." That's true. I'm really thankful for the opportunity that I've had to know Elder Bosen. He's such a great person. I first saw Elder Bosen on Saturday when we practiced the song we sang at church, that was super weird seeing him without a shirt and tie on! It was a great reunion though.

Cool thing happened this week. I got a short letter from a good friend of mine from DECA. She was my Secretary when I was President of Castle View's DECA chapter. She is out to school in Oklahoma. In her letter she simply said, "Tyson, I don't really know much about what you're doing on your mission or much about your religion is there a way I can learn more?" HELLO!!! talk about golden opportunity! I immediately called the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor's Center and sent off a referral for her. I requested missionaries to visit and take a Book of Mormon and a Restoration DVD. I really hope this goes well.

All is well here. I love what I'm doing. Hope all is well with you.
quote of the day... I heard this yesterday at church... "life is like shaving, no matter how good you do it today, you just have to do it again tomorrow."

I forgot something I wanted to tell you. We had zone leader council this last week. At these council meetings we report to President Colton our numbers. Our zone is by far the smallest zone in the mission but we were able to lead the mission in baptisms for August.

We were really excited to report 14 baptisms from the Pocatello Central Zone for the month of August. Our missionaries are really applying the simplified curriculum and as a consequence we've seen incredible results. I would have never guessed our zone would lead the mission in baptisms but I stand corrected. I don't say this to boast of myself but of these Elders and Sisters that are working so hard to be the best missionaries they can be in fulfilling our purpose.

How grateful I am to be involved in such a great work. The Lord is mindful of us and has indeed opened the windows of heaven on our zone.

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