Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10-4-10 General Conference Weekend

Well hello there everyone!

Hasn't life just been great? I've really enjoyed this past week as I do every other week I've had.

General Conference was wonderful wasn't it? I love that the focus of this conference seemed to be on the Plan of Salvation and Faith to follow Jesus Christ. I really soak up what our Prophets have to say while I'm serving a mission. I especially loved Priesthood session! I encourage you ladies out there to print out the talks from Priesthood session and study them. Funny thing is when we were at Priesthood session and Elder Nelson had all the missionaries around the world stand up I turned to Elder Rudd and said, "10 says my Dad is crying right now", was I right??? If Dad wasn't crying by that point then 10 says emotions were running during the closing song of "Called to Serve" by the missionary choir from the MTC in Provo. I must admit that I got really emotional listening to those Elders sing. I also got really emotional when President Eyring said something along the lines of "I am honored to be considered to have the same calling as these missionaries behind me." I couldn't hold it in when he said that, I mean here's a man who serves in the highest quorum of the Priesthood here on this earth and he puts himself down to the level of a missionary who doesn't even remotely have the same calling as he does. He's one of the 15 that holds the priesthood to the kingdom of God on this earth and yet he's still a missionary. How remarkable are our Priesthood leaders!

The only down side to this General Conference is that now we have to be back to full time suit jacket wearing. I would be fine with wearing suit jackets in a month but not now when it's still 80 degrees outside and I'm on a bike. Not my fav thing to do. Just a little perseverance and it'll be cool again.

For Conference Elder Rudd and I decided that we wanted to get the whole zone together to watch. I'm really glad we did because there is now this bond in the zone that we wouldn't be able to get elsewhere. I have a testimony of our Prophet. I know that President Monson is God's servant for us. I love being an authorized servant of God to be able to declare to all that God has opened the windows of heaven and called a man to safely lead us home. It's no wonder that God really does reveal his secret to President Monson who declares to the world to follow our Savior.
Speaking of President Monson... On Friday at our Zone Leader Council President Colton was giving us his testimony of President Monson and while quoting from the new book "To The Rescue" a biography of Thomas S. Monson, President Colton has now approved that book to be apart of the missionary library and has asked that all the missionaries in the IPM read the book and know our Prophet better. Just so you know Mom and Dad, you'll see a 30ish dollar charge to my account, that's from buying this book from Deseret Book today. I hope that was okay since I didn't approve it with you before hand. I'm so excited to read this book!

One of my favorite parts about being a Zone Leader is exchanges. This upcoming week we're going on exchanges with our visa missionaries that are waiting to go to Mexico. Tonight I get to go with Elder Ursua from Hawaii. He's way awesome! I'm looking forward to work with him in my area and show him how great our area is. Each time I stay in my area with missionaries from the Zone I pray really hard to have an opportunity to invite someone to be baptized. I hope that will happen tomorrow.

I love you all very much and hope all is well at home. I love my calling. I love my boss. I have the greatest calling in the church! I wish you all well.


  1. Great to see your cute face! Sounds like you are doing everything right, up there in Pocatello! Conference WAS so awesome and I love your comments about Priesthood meeting too. Keep up the great attitute ... your sweet spirit spills out in every word you write. I have a feeling, Elder Walker ... you and the Lord will accomplish many, many miracles!!!

  2. Hey Walker family! This is Sister Morris from Pocatello! I told Elder Walker I would comment tonight and rub in the fact that I saw your super cool son tonight. He's been teaching a gal in our home with Elder Rudd. Really, great guy, you all did a great job raising him (dude, stay humble if you read that ;) ) Things are well. Have a Fantastic Holiday season!