Tuesday, October 5, 2010

August 9, 2010 - Expect Miracles

Hello everyone,
Sorry the letter is super late today, this is Elder Rust's last p-day so we've finally decided to take a quick break and send a letter home.
So how is everyone doin? I ask because I don't know... hint hint (that means send more letters). I do have to say that I received a great letter from Hedy Lu and Karli this week. They are great friends.
It would be great to see a few letters in the mail box this week! haha.
So I couple of great miracles happened this weekend. I wish I could emphasize the greatness of these miracles but there is no way to understand completely unless you were here. The first miracle is that Brandon Beers finally got permission from his dad to get baptized! Brandon is the one that I told you about who knows more about Preach my Gospel and the scriptures than most new missionaries. He's 16 and has read the Book of Mormon 7 times! That's more than I've read it. This has been a battle for 7 years to get him baptized and now it is finally going to happen. Cool story about how he told me. We went to his ward's neighborhood party and Brandon was there. I asked him about how it went with talking to his Dad and he totally played it up that he hadn't talked with his dad yet after we committed him to it so many times. After letting it go for a while he said, "well I guess we'll have to move my baptism day to Sept. 4th." I said, "ok, is that to give you more time to ask your dad? He said, "no, because that's the day my dad said I could get baptized." Now mind you this whole time he's just playing it off all cool like it's no big deal. Then I jumped on him and started freaking out! Greatest day of my mission for sure! His fellowshipper, Bro. Porter came over to join the excitement but knew what was going on the whole time! They said they planned the whole thing out to mess with Walker. Oh boy am I excited!
The next miracle is that Clifford Bacon came to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I would see him inside a chapel for as long as I was here for sure! What happened is the ward asked me to do a musical number so I was pestering him for weeks to come hear it. I thought all hope was lost but when we got to the building he was there! He has set a date for the 11th of September to be baptized.
The Lord is blessing us with so much success. We have 7 people with a specific date to be baptized. Every new investigator seems to be accepting a baptism date which in and of itself is a miracle. I can't wait to see what is in store for this week.
I hope all is well in Colorado and where ever you are in the world who reads this. This work rocks. Remember to always pray for a desire to serve and you too will be called to so great a work. "Shall we not go on in such great a cause?"

Peace and Love,
Elder Walker

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