Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Email

Happy Thanksgiving family and friends!

We got the opportunity to go to the family history center here in St. Anthony to write e-mails today. So I wanted to send an e-mail telling you all how thankful I am for all of you.I have been out on the mission now for one month yesterday and I have come to know how grateful I am for my beautiful family and my wonderful friends. Today already has got me thinking and giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a wonderful life. We have all been blessed with so much.

Although today is the first real day of wishing I was home to spend this holiday with those I love, I am thankful to be serving my Savior and giving all I can back to him for everything he has done for me. The work is going forth here in St. Anthony. Although it is extremely cold, there is such a warmth of great spirit from the people here. Every member family we meet they always invite us to join them for Thanksgiving. I told Elder Call we should definitely be tracting today because we would get fed something every house we go to!

We are eating with a family that just lost their son last month and his wish was that the Elders ate with them on this day. They are a great family and super excited for us to come over. President Colton has made today an all day preparation day. We get to do what ever we want (well within mission rules) all day. This morning we went and served over at the community Thanksgiving meal. We were able to help them prepare for the meal at noon. We'll be going back later to help serve food. There are so many families in this town that don't have very much. Most of them don't have a College degree and work as farmers. We have many trailer parks here and some are falling apart. It's interesting though because although they don't have much, they all still have such high spirits.

Here in St. Anthony we have my whole district (which only consists of 4 Elders). It's fun to have a really small district because we see each other all the time and get together often. The other Elders are Spanish and all together the 4 of us cover 10 wards and 6 cities. Our district leader is Elder Lagazo from the Philippines and speaks 4 languages. He is really great though.

Some more about Elder Call; He is from northern Illinois, about an hour and a half North West of Chicago. It's great for us to be together because he isn't as outgoing as I am. He is more reserved and thinks it's weird that I can be so excited when I talk to people. It's funny to watch him teach children because he totally loses them. I'm grateful that Brailee, Daiken, and Estee were able to live with me so I can know how to teach little kids and keep their attention.

Anyways I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your love and support. I do love all of you so much. Keep the work progressing.

Peace out
Elder Walker

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