Thursday, November 12, 2009

Letter 11-12-09

Hello Family and Friends!

All is well here in the wonderful state of Utah in the Provo MTC. I love, love, love being here and feeling the Lord's Spirit so strong. This week has been so amazing as well as super challenging.

As you know from the last letter I was called as the District Leader and with that calling I have had a lot of responsibility. Our district had a big turn for the worst the last few days due to contention and loss of the Spirit. I was told by one of our teachers that I had to find the root to the problem; you can cover the symptoms but that doesn't get rid of the virus. I was praying so hard to have help. I had no idea how I was going to find out what the root problem was. I spent a few days in prayer pleading for help. Just last night my prayer was answered. Sister Walker, one of our teachers, came to class and said that she didn't know what it was but she felt as though we needed to have a distric inventory and get things to normal. She said she felt prompted to read Alma 24 and talk about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi people and how they chose to bury their weapons of war. We then talked about what is driving everyone crazy and how we can fix it. I don't know how it worked or what Sister Walker did but after that our distric has been closer and stronger than it has ever been before.

That was only the beginning of what happened though. Because she is so guided and inspired she felt prompted that we needed to teach her in the role of someone she taught on her mission. She played this girl named Hannah who had served a mission and went through the Temple but when she went to school she messed up with her roomate and got into a homosexual relationship which in turn led to her getting excommunicated. It was so sad to see the depression and the loss of everything in her life. She so desperatly wanted to feel the spirit again and know that her Heavenly Father loved her. Sister Walker told us not to teach unless we were inspired to teach from the spirit. I don't know what it was but I felt the spirit so strong during that lesson. I talked about the Atonement and how Christ is always there with his arms open and she is the only thing pushing him away. The lesson was going well until we got to the end and I said, "Hannah, I feel impressed to offer you a priesthood blessing." Although we couldn't do it there because it was a role play, Sister Walker got emotional and said that is exactly what she needed. I felt so good because the spirit works in such a great way. I learned that as a missionary I am only a mouth peace for Heavenly Father to talk to his children.

After the role play was over Sister Walker asked our district to give her a blessing. There was nothing better to bring our district together than to give our teacher a Priesthood blessing.

One last story to tell. On Sunday one of the councelors in our Branch Presidency taught the lesson in Priesthood. He is so great, he was mission companions with Elder Holland and grew up with Elder Anderson. He was comparing mission work to Christ's earthly ministry. He said that Christ submitted himself completely to the will of the father. Missionaries are very similar he explains, "obedience with exactness shows that you are submitting yourself to the will of the father." That has been my favorite quote from the mission so far. I use that in everything. I can tell you that that quote is going to be my standard for the rest of my mission.

Well my time in now up. I only get 30 mins to read and type. I love you all so much! I love being the Lord's missionary and doing his work. "I will say and do what he himself would say and do if he was ministering to the very people to which he has called me."

I love the Church and know that this is the only and true Church of Jesus Christ who is my Lord and my Savior. I love being here and love what I am doing. Thank you so much for the prayers, packages, and letters! Recieving them are my favorite part of the day.

Keep the work going strong in Colorado and never be shy of bringing someone into the arms of our Savior.I love you all so much and wish you the best!

Peace out! Elder Tyson Rigby Walker

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