Monday, November 30, 2009

P-Day Letter

Hello Family and Friends!

I just wrote to you all a few days ago and nothing new has happened but I didn't want to miss a week of writing. We had a great Thanksgiving with lots of food. I have never eaten as much as I have in the last week and a half! Every house we knock on, member or not, always has pie and ice cream for us! We don't have to buy too much food because everyone always wants to give us something to take home. Just from Thanksgiving we have a freezer full of turkey and ham. It's so great to know that I will never go hungry!

I have my first baptism this Saturday! I am so excited! His name is Jake Ohs, 15, and a great kid. He is so excited for his baptism day! Elder Call and I are teaching him for the last time tonight.

I received an e-mail from one of the Elders in my MTC district who went to Connecticut. He said that the mission average is 4 baptisms per companionship for the whole 2 years of serving. How blessed am I to be in a mission where we get that in one month?! I didn't realize how great those numbers were until I read his e-mail today. In our mission, each companionship usually baptizes weekly. How wonderful that opportunity is.

We have our first Zone Conference on Thursday. It is going to be different though because of the Holidays. I think we get to watch a movie and play some games as a zone. Apparently I came into a weird transfer. I hope I don't get used to all the Holiday time we are getting.

Well I will have more to write next Monday. I love you all so much!

If anyone happens to see Troy please tell him to write me! I haven't heard one thing from him since I've been gone.

peace out
Elder Walker

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