Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th Letter Home

Hello family!

So the Christmas spirit is setting in! We just got several inches of snow and the Christmas lights/trees are almost all up. Although this season is making me really sad not to be home sharing this Holiday with my family, I am really busy sharing the gospel with everyone. I know that Christmas day is going to be a really hard day but for now everything is all good.

I love sharing the gospel this season because people seem to be more receptive to us. This season helps us all focus on what is most important, the Savior and our Families which makes it easier to help others to come unto Christ.

Good news! We have 5 people with baptism dates for Dec! Our district is only 4 Elders but between the 4 of us we are second to leading the mission in baptisms with 11 dates this month plus the 2 that we've already had. President Walker, the stake president for the St. Anthony stake wants our area to lead the mission in baptisms so the stake had a fast focused on missionary work a month or so ago. We are now seeing the fruits of that labor. President Colton has asked us our thoughts on bringing in 2 more missionaries in this stake because there is that much work to do.

I don't know if I've told you this yet or not but President Colton told me when he assigned me to St. Anthony that my mission is now down hill because I've started off in the best part of the mission. He was right, I am in the best part of the mission (knock on wood; I don't want to get transfered).

One of our ward mission leaders is going to be in Denver next week and asked for my home address so he can stop by and visit with Mom and Dad. I gave him the address and both cell phone numbers. His name is Kurt Harrison and is the best WML in the world. He has done more for us than any other person in this stake. I hope you will be able to visit with him.

Well Mom, you asked for a Christmas list. I don't know what I would want though. It's hard to want things as a missionary. There are a few things that I need though:

1. 2010 stake directory

2. Juice Plus (I'm almost out)

3. Some more CDs because we spend a lot of time in the car and have listened to them all about 15 times. I don't know if you've done this yet but if you could please send Christmas music. I really really need some Christmas music.

4. Any sort of scarves you can find. I love scarves.

So I have met so many people that I'm related to! I'm pretty sure that every other dinner appointment I'm related to the family. Our dinner on Saturday night apparently knows Grandma because I think she said that Grandma called her and told her to tell me hi. Her name is Sister Miller and is a great grand daughter of William F. but it is weird because she is older than Grandma but Grandma is a grand daughter. So if you want to let Grandma know that I talked with her and got her message of hello that would be great!

We also are activating one of Grandma's cousin's daughters. Grandma's cousin Gene Rigby's (Rulon Gene Rigby) daughter, Julie Murri, is who we are meeting with.

I know that I was sent here to find our family. Which has led me to think that if we never moved to Colorado chances are that I would not have been called to the Pocatello mission. It's cool to see how the spirit has directed us to Colordao for so many reasons.

Well we've got to get to Rexburg. I love you all very much! Have a great Holiday season and remember that our purpose as members of the Church is to invite others to come unto Christ.

Peace and love,
Elder Walker

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