Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

Elder Walker sent this email on Christmas Day:

So I had typed a whole e-mail to everyone telling them about our baptisms and basically everything we talked about today on the phone. I went to go send it and the computer said that it lost the connection and deleted the e-mail. Dang. So can you do me a big favor and just post something summarizing the phone call and things that I told you?

1. almost leading the mission in baptisms

2. calling home today

3. 3 baptisms last week, 2 tomorrow

4. the polygamist family

5. and wish everyone a merry christmas

Thanks Mom, you're the greatest! I love you so much and hope you have a great day. It was so nice to talk with you today, I look forward to Mother's day. Merry Christmas, Love Elder Walker

So - I asked Tyson's Dad to help me out and he composed this note:

The highlight of our Christmas weekend, wasn't necesarily the time off work, or spending it with grandkids, or the new snow, or the two sets of Elders who spent Christmas day with us....but it was the conference call that we had as a family on Christmas morning, and having both of our missionaries on the phone at the same time. What a wonderful time that was.

Since this is Tyson's blog, I will just say that he is doing well and is very happy. He is very spoiled in his first area, by it being the nearly the top baptizing area of his mission. He had three baptisms just prior to Christmas and then another two on Saturday.

Ironically, one of the Elders who spent Christmas day with us, is from Sugar City, only 5 miles away from Tyson. His mother called me last night to report that another of her sons had spoken in Church in St. Anthony yesterday and she was there to support him. Lo and behold, Tyson was there to confirm the two people that they just baptized on Saturday. I was so thrilled to hear her report that she knew exactly which one was Elder Walker because of the huge smile on his face after the confirmations. After the meeting she wanted to give him a big hug, but refrained. She reported that he was so happy, and doing very well.

In the conference call on Friday, Tyson did say that he was working hard and enjoying much success. He also reported something funny, in that they were teaching a woman from a polygamist family. So that's a first for him, and I'm sure it would be for many others too.

In the conversation also, he asked that we extend his very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and very Happy and prosperous New year to all of his family and friends, that he misses a lot.

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