Monday, July 19, 2010

New Way 7/19/2010

Hello my great family!

How are ya? I'm doing great!

Man, time just keeps flying by! Can you believe that this is week 5 of this transfer?!?!? I can't. My 6th transfer just came and went like the wind in good ol' St. Anthony. The assistants and President Colton are meeting Wednesday to begin transfer meetings! When I was in St. Anthony one of our ward mission leaders told me that there will be a day when I get on my knees and plead with Heavenly Father to slow the time down, I'm now starting to understand what he meant by that and I'm not even past my year mark yet. It'll be interesting to see how the time goes next year.

Let me just tell you, this week was GREAT! I loved every second of it. As I told you last week we had our 3 day leadership conference here in Pocatello; it was fantastic! My mind was completely blown away and hasn't exactly returned to earth quite yet. Elder Holland has completely changed missionary work world wide. We now have what's called the new "simplified" curriculum. It is way inspired and has already worked wonders on our zone. One companionship set 3 baptism dates in just 2 days by applying the new curriculum. I must say though that if I was really to give you any details about it you would all be super confused except Chelsee because it is a spin off of Preach my Gospel. I guess Devin would kinda get it. What you need to know is that this is the difference in missionary work; we are no longer going to learn the lessons in PMG but will be completely focused on this new "simplified curriculum" for our missionary work. This doesn't mean that we disregard PMG, because this is all taken from it in just a more detailed way, what it means is that we focus more on the Spirit of prophesy and revelation for our investigators and only teach them what they need. Intense! The Pocatello Central Zone will be reporting 9 baptisms this month compared to the 0 from June, that is the difference in the new missionary work. And I'm pretty sure that's why President Colton put me in this zone.

Pretty much that meeting has been the focus for the week. We are doing really well and are starting to see miracles happen in our area. I'm excited to write next week and give you an update for what's happened with applying this new curriculum.

It was so fun to see the Bosen Family last week! It was really fun to see the other side of "missionary life". The reason I say that is because I knew Elder Bosen pretty well and knew all his missionary stories. When I met with his family they didn't know half of them or didn't know much detail to his Castle Rock stories, so I filled them in with details and awesome stories. The first thing Sister Bosen said when I met her was, "I guess Benji is supposed to marry your sister huh?" HaHa! YES!!! It's all been arranged! I don't even care if they get married while I'm on my mish just as long as it's in the Rexburg or Idaho Falls temple! This is going to be so great! Elder Bosen can be my best friend and my brother all at the same time! But seriously though, Chelsee, you gotta make this happen... I have it all arranged for you. Plus he's a great missionary so you can rest assured that he'll be a great husband. If you think about it, the Lord wants you to be married to him too... We wouldn't have gotten to know him as well if dad wasn't called as Bishop, I was sent to the IPM then got transferred to the same zone that he lives in for his homecoming, he's going to go to school at ISU which is in my zone still, he really helped me to get on my mission, his parents are now acquainted with mom and dad... the list goes on and on. Let's just recognize the little details here in the grand picture. I'm so excited!

That was my tangent for the day.

I hope all is well at home. I hope everyone is happy and well off.

Thank you all for your love and support.

I love this work. I love my companion. I love my area. I love the IPM.

Peace and Love,
Elder Walker

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