Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7,2010 witness after a trail of faith‏

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it's been a couple (or a "couple-three" as we say in Idaho) weeks since I've e-mailed the whole group. Let me just tell you that this week has been crazy! So much has happened! I don't even know where to start...

This week we've had the Spanish Missionaries stay with us at our house because of a teenage girl that came to stay with the family they live with. It was so much fun! There is wisdom behind President Colton not letting 4 missionaries stay together because I was super distracted during studies and getting to bed on time was near impossible. Probably the most fun I've had in one week than any other week since I've been here. When they were packing up to leave on Saturday we took their mattresses and made a slide down our stairs... you would've had to have seen it.

We had interviews on Tuesday with President Colton. During the interview he unofficially told me that I am getting transferred and where I'm going. His exact words were, "now Elder Walker we haven't decided this yet but I'm pretty sure your time is up in St. Anthony." After talking about how great this area is he then told me, "you'll have great areas anywhere in the mission but I think you'd do great in Pocatello. Yeah, let's send you to Pocatello." So there you have it. I guess I may possibly be going to Pocatello. How cool would it be to serve in Elder Bosen's home ward when he gets home? That would be so great! Obviously this doesn't mean that it is going to happen because they are deciding transfers this week but I'm pretty sure my time is up too. We'll find out for sure next Sunday when they send out the transfer information.

On Saturday we took Stephanie Westover, my recent convert, to the Idaho Falls temple visitor's center to see "Testaments". What we didn't know though was that her husband showed up too! He isn't a member, in fact he normally avoids church things. We were running a bit behind in getting there so while they were waiting for us they took a walk around the temple grounds together. Stephanie made the comment to us that she feels such peace there. She said that it feels like she doesn't want to talk but to just soak it all up. We then went into to theatre to see the film. Anyways, the Westovers had a great experience. The next day, which was fast Sunday, Stephanie got up to bear her testimony. She told of her experience and then testified of the reality of Jesus Christ actually coming to America. There is not much more rewarding than to hear the testimony of an individual who you helped bring into the church. I will never forget that moment.

(Side note: When the film started I decided to go use the restroom so I didn't have to get up from the middle of it to disrupt the spirit. In the visitor's center the women's restroom and the men's restroom doors face each other. When I opened the door the women's side opened too. Jessica Bartholio was coming out at the same time as me! Crazy! I guess she was with a group from school to see the Joseph Smith film. We got really excited and then took a picture in front of the Christ statue there in the center.)

To top off my day with even more greatness yesterday we had another wonderful experience. Caroline Clemens, the lady who is getting baptized on Saturday, went to church with us. Before the meeting started we explained to her what testimony meeting is and how it works, she then said, "I don't have to go up there do I?", we explained that she doesn't have to but we encourage her to if she feels the spirit tell her to. Now a little background on Caroline, she is an extremely shy person. She hates being around large groups of people. It took us a few weeks just to convince her to sit up front with us rather than in the very back at church. Well as the meeting gets going she starts getting a bit antsy. We thought that she was wanting to get out. She finally stood up and walked up to the pulpit to share her testimony with the congregation! She gave a very simple yet very powerful testimony. While talking she said, "I am very thankful for Elder Walker and Elder White..." She then started to cry up at the pulpit. Trying to regain herself she managed to get out, "...for bringing the church into my life." At this time my companion and I are just balling on the front row of the chapel. Our ward mission leader, Kurt Harrison, was sitting behind us and was balling. The Bishop up front was balling. President Crapo was there too and was balling. Pretty much that was the moment I've been needing for a very long time.

I am so blessed. The Lord gave me just a great experience yesterday, an experience I will never forget. Those moments are what make this worth it. To know that I was able to bring joy to some body's life makes every challenge, every sorrow, every heartache, worth it. The Lord has to give us a trail of faith before he will give us a witness.

I am so happy. I can't wait for this Saturday when Caroline gets baptized. What a glorious day that will be. -- Peace and Love,Elder Walker

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  1. Oh how I love Tyson! It was great to see him in Idaho Falls! I miss that boy :) He is a fantastic missionary and I am oh so very proud of him!