Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Pregnant!!!! (March 22, 2010)

Hola familia!

First off I've been working on my Spanish. The Spanish Elders in my district, who I have become extremely close to, are working really hard to teach me their language. When we go on exchanges with them we have some serious Spanish learning. I have now learned to pray, bear testimony, and teach a bit of the lessons in Espanol. I'm really thinking about asking President to put me in a bilingual or Spanish area because just the other day he said that he really needs more Spanish speakers in this mission.

Well here is the most exciting part of the week; well I don't know if I would say exciting as much as terrifying. We were on exchanges this last week on Thursday and Friday and while I was laying in bed for the night I was thinking about transfers, which are on Wednesday, and as I was thinking the thought came into my head that I was going to be called as a trainer. I immediately pushed that thought out because there was no way I was going to be called to train with only being out 41/2 months and especially with only 4 new missionaries coming this transfer. That was the end to my thinking on the topic. Well Friday nights are when President calls to give new leadership assignments and when I didn't hear from him that night I just assumed that Elder Call and I would be staying together again because President Colton said that he wasn't going to be moving too many missionaries this transfer. Saturday morning as we were finishing personal study I got lost in my thoughts about this transfer and what was going to happen. At 9:07 the phone rang and it said "President Colton" and my heart skipped beats. I answered and he said, "Elder Walker I have a new assignment for you." That sentence coming from the mission President is enough to make you start shaking. I know because that is what happened. Well President has asked me to serve this mission as a trainer and a senior companion.

Well that was enough to get me to shake for the rest of the day. I think I have coped with the idea now but come Wednesday when I pick up my new, new companion I will be shaking again.

I am staying in St. Anthony again and will be a daddy. I am giving birth in my birth area! Weird huh? I haven't ever had another companion other than my trainer. I really need prayers come Wednesday especially because I'm still "green" myself. I know that I'm not ready for this change but the Lord is and he is my senior companion. This is going to be an adventure.

We set a baptism date this week with a boy named Kyler Kunz. He is 12 and he and his Mother are not members. Kyler's mom, Amber, is sooooo close to getting wet. I think when she sees her son get baptized that might be the catch to get her to commit.

Missionary work is still going forward. St. Anthony was sad to hear that Elder Call is leaving to Idaho Falls but we will continue to work hard and labor in the Lord's vineyard. I love this work and love the Lord.

peace and love,
Elder Walker

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